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Meddco Ambulance Assistance (MAA) App Features


One-Touch Emergency Booking

Easily book emergency ambulance with a press of a button.


Estimated Time To Arrival

Track Ambulance on GPS based maps with real time estimated arrival.


Easy To Use

Convenient to use & find an ambulance nearby your location for elective or emergency booking.

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Freedom of Choice

You can get to choose a free or paid ambulance available near you.


Direct On-call Communication

Engage effortlessly with ambulance drivers over the phone.


Book ambulance for others

Be a good samaritan & help other patients or victims who need emergency medical services.

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Meddco Ambulance Assistance(MAA)

India's 1st Emergency Ambulance Booking Advanced System based on GPS live location tracking. Book an ambulance near you in less than a minute via Android & iOS app. Avail emergency medical services at a click of a button.

Type of Ambulance

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Basic Ambulance

Basic Life Support Ambulance is for the patients who need medical transportation. It comprises of patient bed, pulse oximetry and oxygen delivery devices.

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Advance Ambulance

ALS ambulance is equipped with ventilator, ECG, monitoring devices and paramedic staff.

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Mortuary Ambulance

Mortuary ambulance services are used for the transportation of the dead body. It is also called as Hearse Van.

Neonatal Ambulance

Neonatal Ambulance

Neonatal transport services are a vital part of care for premature and sick babies, to ensure that babies can be moved quickly for the right care in the right place for their needs.

Patient Transport Ambulance

Patient Transport Vehicle

PTV is a non emergency patient transport vehicle equipped with patient bed & other life-support devices.

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Air ambulances contain ventilators, defibrillators, infusion pumps, balloon pumps, oxygen cylinders, trained doctors, & nurses.

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Meddco Ambulance Driver

Ambulance Drivers & Owners can register to partner with us via Meddco Ambulance Driver application.

How it works

Step 1: Install MAA app And Sign Up

You can install Meddco Ambulance Assistance App on any Android or Apple iPhone via app store.


Step 2: Choose your Ambulance

After opening the app Select Free or Paid Ambulance and choose from available ambulance options.


Step 3: Enter Your Destination

You can enter the location details where the patient needs to be transported by simply entering the destination name or dropping a pin.


Step 4: Avail Ambulance Services

Get Estimated Time of Arrival for Ambulance. Track Ambulance live location in real-time with advanced GPS tracking.

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