Meddco Ambulance Apps

Meddco Ambulance Assistance

Meddco Ambulance Assistance can help in Emergency Patient Care & Elective Patient Transport with nearby ambulance search, quick response booking and GPS tracking feature.
MAA application for phones - integrates city emergency ambulance transportation for patients and partner ambulance drivers onto a mobile technology platform that is convenient, transparent and provides immediate emergency service fulfilment.

Meddco Ambulance Driver

Ambulance Drivers & Owners can register to partner with us via Meddco Ambulance Driver application. Meddco Ambulance Driver application offers services to all types of ambulance owners like:

  1. Private Ambulance Owners
  2. NGO Ambulance Owners
  3. Private Hospital Ambulance Owners
  4. State & Central Govt. Ambulance Owners
  5. Central, State & Municipal Hospital Ambulance Owners

Multiple Ambulance Tracker App

AA company or organisation who owns multiple ambulance vehicles can register with Meddco Ambulance as an Institution Registration. Once they are registered with Meddco Ambulance they will be provided with Multiple Ambulance Tracker App. Benefits of this APP are:

  1. Company owner can view all of their ambulance in a single MAP on their mobile using tracker app
  2. Can view the business generated by each ambulance and all ambulance together.
  3. Can view the ideal time and trip time.
  4. Can generate driver wise report.
  5. Can calculate the traveling distance.
  6. various kind of reports related to ambulance utilization.

Who can take the advantage of this app?
  1. State Government with their free ambulance
  2. NGO with multiple ambulance
  3. Central government with their highway accident ambulance.
  4. Government hospital with their ambulances
  5. Private hospital with multiple ambulance
  6. Owner of multiple Ambulance
  7. Or any other organisation having multiple ambulance

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