FAQs for Meddco Ambulance Assistance app for user

What is this app for?

Meddco Ambulance Assistance app is an ambulance aggregator app. with this app you can book an ambulance based on the real location of your with the estimated time of arrival.

Is there any special requirement of any special mobile phone to install this app?

No, you can download this app on any latest android or IOS phone and use it. You should have an active internet connection of your mobile phone.

How to register in this app?

You can register in this app via your mobile number, you number should be active to receive one time password to activate your account

What are the types of ambulance available for booking?

Meddco ambulance app provide booking of various ambulance based on the requirement of patients. ambulance options are basic ambulance, cardiac ambulance, neonatal ambulance, patient transfer ambulance, Mortuary ambulance, and air ambulance.

What are the features of this ambulance app?

With this app you can book and ambulance on emergency basis or a normal elective booking.

How to book a free ambulance?

There is button to chose between free and paid ambulance, once you chose free ambulance it will show you all free ambulance available in your location with approximate ETA.

How to book a pay ambulance?

There is button to chose between free and paid ambulance, once you chose paid ambulance it will show you all paid ambulance available in your location with approximate ETA.

How do i know the charges?

In the app you have option to view the charges of ambulance, charges of ambulance are varies in two types where you may be charged with fixed rate like your location to hospital location which is fixed amount or other method of charge is based on the distance and time.

Can i check the features of the ambulance i am about to book?

Yes. you can check the amenities and facilities of ambulance before giving CRN code to the driver

What is the CRN number?

A CRN number is a code which you need to give it to ambulance driver before the ride start, which you will receive on your app and also via sms

What are the payment options available?

Before starting the ride you can chose by which method you would like to pay the ambulance, you can pay via cash or via online payment.

FAQs for Meddco Driver App

How to register in Meddco Ambulance Driver?

You will require to download the Meddco Ambulance Driver app on your android or ios phone and follow the standing instruction on the app to register your ambulance.

What are the documents require to register a driver?

Driver ID card, Driver driving licence and driver mobile number.

How to register as ambulance owner?

The first person who register in tha app is considered as the owner of that ambulance app for that ambulance and he can add multiple ambulance. But to assign the owner details on the app 1st registrant has to email us with his credentials to dapp@meddcoambulance.com

How to register in meddco ambulance driver?

Any NGO or hospital or government agency who provide free ambulance services can register with us as free ambulance provider.

How many drivers can be added?

You can add multiple ambulance driver with the documents and mobile number.

How I get my payment when a customer pays online?

Meddco ambulance will do the RTGS on next working day to the account of the ambulance owner

What are documents required?

Vehicle RC book copy, Insurance , Passing and ambulance picture.

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